Saturday, April 5, 2014

Steampunk Saturday: The Juggernaut

The khadoran military employs many warjacks, a couple of them with older chassis and some pretty new ones. One of the oldest that stands out is the mighty Juggernaut it is only out aged by the Berserker but is still a staple in many of khadoran warcasters armies, as it is a real workhorse jack.

High armor, a very solid P+S weapon, a ginormous damage grid and an open fist for power attacks is just nice to have. Another big bonus is its price for just seven points you can get one on the table but since he is a standard motherland warjack however he has a couple of drawbacks. He is lacking in defense and speed like most of his brothers and he doesn't do well against big groups of infantry but with the right caster to support him he can really bring on the pain especially if you choose your targets wisely. Send him after other jacks, beasts or casters and you're good to go.

I got mine second hand and he was in pretty bad shape, at the time I thought it was not so bad so I just repainted him and from across the table he looks decent enough but in these close up pictures you can really see I should have just stripped, cleaned and reprimed him before slapping the paint on.

What do you think about the good old Juggernaut?


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