Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Warhammer Wednesday: "Da Red Baron" Dakkajet

Well, I screwed up... I painted my Dakkajet over the last couple of days and finished it pretty quick as usual to get it onto the table. With my blood angel vehicles I always paint the clear canopy but with the orks I decided to leave it clear... Big mistake! I sprayed the entire model with matt coat when I was done and it fogged up the f***ing glass. I didn't know that would happen but I guess I'm never gonna do that again. Lesson learned! 

I took quite a bit of inspiration from Matt Hollands Dakkajet in the Kit Bash section of the 2012 Or(k)tober White Dwarf. I changed the red quite a bit since I didn't want the flyer to look like one of my blood angel vehicles and overall I'm quite happy with the results. I really enjoy the two white skulls on the wings which I did using my airbrush and a homemade stencil. Quick and easy. In the first game I played with it, it managed to take out quite a few imperial guardsmen but didn't change the overall outcome of the game which was an absolute slaughter of the towards the imperial defense lines rushing ork horde.



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