Saturday, April 12, 2014

Steampunk Saturday: The Behemoth

Wow, has it really been a week already? Welcome to another Steampunk Saturday, where I just quickly show off one of my beloved Warmachine models and talk some fast and easy tactics. This time around we are gonna have a look at the big boy, the master of disaster, Big B himself, THE BEHEMOTH!!!

One of my favorite warjacks in the game even though he was an absolute b**** to assemble and paint (old metal model) but he has a nice amount of weight to it which is something I really like on these big warmachines. In game he is a pretty costly character warjack (FA 1) clocking in at 13 points but is well worth the points if you ask me. He smashes almost everything (high ARM warjacks for example) in close combat with his armor piercing blast fists, has two bombards and in conjunction with his subcortex can fire them even when he's stuck in melee.

I usually like to keep a group of mechanics around just to give him that extra bit of survivability and you definitely want to keep him alive for a while, which is also why I like to keep him more in my backfield and use him for counter charges and keeping my side of the table clear.

Do you guys use Big B in your Khador army? What are your thoughts?


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Warhammer Wednesday: "Da Red Baron" Dakkajet

Well, I screwed up... I painted my Dakkajet over the last couple of days and finished it pretty quick as usual to get it onto the table. With my blood angel vehicles I always paint the clear canopy but with the orks I decided to leave it clear... Big mistake! I sprayed the entire model with matt coat when I was done and it fogged up the f***ing glass. I didn't know that would happen but I guess I'm never gonna do that again. Lesson learned! 

I took quite a bit of inspiration from Matt Hollands Dakkajet in the Kit Bash section of the 2012 Or(k)tober White Dwarf. I changed the red quite a bit since I didn't want the flyer to look like one of my blood angel vehicles and overall I'm quite happy with the results. I really enjoy the two white skulls on the wings which I did using my airbrush and a homemade stencil. Quick and easy. In the first game I played with it, it managed to take out quite a few imperial guardsmen but didn't change the overall outcome of the game which was an absolute slaughter of the towards the imperial defense lines rushing ork horde.



Monday, April 7, 2014

Magic Monday: My favorite Magic Card

Just a quickie from me today, 'cause I just got back from one of my last exames this semester, am pretty beat and just want to relax. Nevertheless I wanted to talk to you about my favorite magic card of all time. I love to play tribal decks and in my opinion there is just non better (not necessarily competitive) than the goblin tribe. My favorite modern deck is mono red goblin tokens, but we will talk about that some other time. The card that makes it work though and is my absolute all time favorite is Krenko, Mob Boss.

If you can get a Goblin Chieftain, Hammer of Purphoros or a Fervor out the turn before and give him haste that way he is usually absolutely devastating.

Look forward to a building on a budget goblin deck next week, if I remember. :) In the meantime, what do you think about tribal decks in Magic? What's your favorite?