Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Warhammer Wednesday: Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard

For this first installment of Warhammer Wednesday I wanted to show off one of my all time favorite Blood Angel units. The Sanguinary Guard. Now, I don't use them as often as I would like in 6th edition but I still love the fluff and how these models look. With their ancient gold armor and their majestic wings inspired by their grand Primarch Sanguinius they take into battle... and lately in my case get shot down the turn they arrive by massive Tau interceptor fire.

I painted this squad about one to one and a half years ago, so they are pretty old, but I still really like them. As you can see I played around with my airbrush quite a bit on their power weapons which is now a staple in my Blood Angel force for all power and force weapons. The shoulder pads were also airbrushed to get a nice red gradient. I believe these models and my Dante were the first models I tried the Vallejo liquid metallic paints on. Since then I moved on to P3s Molten Bronze followed by Rhulic Gold which gives a very nice gold effect in my opinion.

If you deepstrike them, get them down in cover out of line of sight. Don't worry if they don't do anything the turn they arrive, keep 'em hidden. They are such a mobile unit that you just have to be close but not in their face once they come in and if you manage to shoot something down or get a charge in the turn after they will wreck face! Put Dante in the unit if you have the points for no scatter and you can just place them were you want them but beware they are kind of a bullet magnet, since no one seems to like such a powerful unit near their deployment zone.

Do you still see Sanguinary Guard if you play against Blood Angels or do you still use them in your games in 6th edition?

J. D.

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